How to add a library to your Libby app

This will help you add an additional library to your Libby app. You will need to have set up your Libby app with an existing library.

  1. When you open your Libby app, tap on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  2.  Tap on “Add a Library”
  3. Type in the library you want to add
  4. Tap on the box that has the library you wish to add.
  5. Once you add the library, you will not be able to check anything out until you add a library card. To do that, tap on the icon in the upper right hand corner, again.
  6. Tap on “Add a library card.”
  7. Tap on “I’m visiting from another library”.
  8. Then tap on “Southeastern Libraries Cooperative”
  9. You will then need to type in your library card number, all 13 numbers. Then tap “Sign In”